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With a locally strong non-conformist streak the Methodist Chapel came first and then the Church - from Low Church to High Church Oakridge reflected the social and religious trends of the time ...

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St Bartholomew's - Congregation, Celebrations and Thanksgivings
A Record of St Bartholomew's 150th Anniversary Celebrations (Abridged), 22nd - 24th August 1987Compiled by Yvonne Green, Photography by Derek Gue, Herbert Kirkwood and Stan Young, Cover Calligraphy by Kay Rhodes.

There was a small Wesleyan chapel at Tunley, built by Herny William Hancox ofTunley Farm in 1848. It claimed congregations of up to sixty-five in 1851, but had gone out of use by 1972. It is now used as a house.Approximate position shown on the map,…

St Bartholomew's Floral Arrangements - a selection over twenty years from 1976 - 1996
St Bartholomew's Floral Arrangements - a selection over twenty years from 1976 - 1996

All Saints Bisley
All Saints Bisley is the Parish 'Mother Church' whose history is intertwined with that of St Bartholomew's in Oakridge. This short 1975 description sets out its history and its relationship with St Bartholomew's.

The Church and Chapel Ecumenical Covenant
In 1991 members of the Anglican and Methodist churches in the village drew up a a covenant that acknowledged the mutual aim of promoting the Christian faith in Oakridge and beyond, aiming for an increasing degree of unity and proposing the formation…

St Bartholomew's in May 1982
Photographs L - R, T - B Note the Sundial above the Porch Interior View Interior View The octagonal stone Pulpit in Early English style The Font Font Table Note the boldly decorated roof trusses Chair Chair & lectern The organ was made by…

Oalkridge Methodist Chapel, Palm Sunday 2007
The Service was led by Rev. Keith Burton, former Minister who still lived nearby. Rev. Geoffery Senior, another former Minister and his wife Amy are also shown in these pictures.
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