Cave Cottage


Cave Cottage


Photographs and Plans L - R :-

1. Cave Cottage on the right with Cobdens behind
2. Cave Cottage?, 1908
3. Cave Cottage
4. Linda Hall's Drawings of Cave Cottage


Information on previous owners gained from documents :

1779 John Vincent, tailor, of Oakridge Lynch sells property “having a cottage or tenement of John Stephens on the north west side, a cottage of John Hunt on the north side thereof and Oakridge common on all other parts thereof” for £14 to Charles Hunt, broadweaver, of Avenis Green.

Charles Hunt died 1830 and in his will bequeathed his estate to his 3 sons and 4 daughters in equal shares.

1831 Sarah Hunt of Bournes Green, one of Charles' daughters gets the cottage, valued at £60, as part of her 7th part of the estate. She leases it to Charles Newman for one year in consideration of 5/- paid to each of the 7 Hunt inheritors.

Sarah Hunt died 1840 intestate leaving Charles Hunt junior, her eldest brother, weaver of Oakridge Lynch, as her heir.

1841 Charles Hunt sells the property to his brother George Hunt, weaver of Bournes Green, for £49/10/-

1861 Mary Soul (nee Hunt) widow of Avenis Green and sister of George Hunt has inherited the cottage and agrees to sell cottage for £36 to Charles Gardner, labourer of Avenis Green.

Charles Gardner has mortgages with Jane Gregory of Weymouth and Mary Anne Little of Cheltenham, which he pays off in 1865.

In 1896 Charles Gardner uses the cottage and the plot of land on which Highridge will later be built as security for a loan of £40 from Ellen Elizabeth Priday of Ebley.

1910 Lloyd George Survey records “Stone and tile cottage: 2 bedrooms, living room and pantry, lean-to stone and galvanised fowl house, garden and EC” , owned and occupied by Charles Gardiner.

1913 Charles Gardner died having made a will whose surviving beneficiaries are Maria Gardiner and William Gardiner.

William sells his share to Maria for £27/10/- (She pays off outstanding transferred mortgage to Mary Excell )

Maria Hunt (nee Gardiner), wife of William Hunt, platelayer, of Fairview Cottage takes various mortgages with the property as security which are discharged in 1934.

1945 Maria Hunt dies and her will is administered by Frederick Gardiner, cabinet maker of Oakridge Lynch, and Mercy Evelyn Morson, of Cheltenham, her niece.

1946 conveyance confirms Mercy Morson's inheritance of  cottage as described before known as Cave Cottage + land on which Highridge will be built + land, formerly common land, near to premises known as Fairview Cottage.

1952 Mercy Morson agrees a 2 year tenancy of Cave Cottage for an annual rent of £13 with Janet Tattershall. Later in the same year, having already sold the other two parcels of land, Mercy Morson sells the cottage for £750 to Janet Tattershall.

1966 Janet Tattershall (now living in Sussex) sells Cave Cottage to Phillip Harry Stone for £1750. He takes a mortgage which is paid off in 1971.

1971 Phillip Stone sells “the greater part of the premises for many years past known as Cave Cottage” to Trevor and Mary Fern. The map attached shows the Cave Cottage site minus the land now occupied by Cherryoaks

Information on occupants from documents and reminiscences of local people:

1779 Nathaniel Dean
1831 Abner Whiting
1841 James Lewis
prior to 1861 Mary Soul  Maria Hunt/Gardiner
1922 Charles Smith
1946 Mr Hussell
1952 Janet Tattershall Additions and Alterations

Census Details:

1841 James Lewis, ag lab, Martha, wife, and William Hunt age 5
1851 No 34a Mary Soul, widow, Hannah daughter, Harriet, daughter, hard silk piecer
1891 Census No 86 William Gardiner, platelayer, Mary, wife, Emma, daughter, Lavinia Parsons, lodger

1939/40 War Inventory Mr and Mrs Hussell, sons James and John and daughter Rachel.

Linda Hall, Author of ''Period House Fixtures and Fittings 1300 - 1900' has viewed Cave Cottage and set out her observations :

This house is in the centre of the settlement, parallel to the lane, facing south and with the land rising behind it. In the bank at the back is the cave which gives it its name.

It has two storeys, with a chimney at the west end and a modern porch sheltering the front door. Most of the windows are modem wooden casements, but to the right of the porch is a small single-light window with a chamfered stone surround. To the right of this is a buttress and then a two-light stone-mullioned window. The front door leads directly into the hall or kitchen, with an open fireplace and a stone spiral stair in the end wall. There is a blocked oven in the back of the fireplace and a blocked window that would have lit the stair.

The fireplace has a single block of stone on the right-band side, and a very irregular wooden lintel with a 1.75 inch chamfer and scroll and bar stops. The floor level has been lowered, so the fireplace opening seems unusually tall. The axial ceiling beam is tenoned into the cross-beam at the top of the partition wall, and both have rough chamfers of about 1.5inches. The studs of the lath and plaster partition are exposed on the eastern face.  

There were originally three steps down to the second room, which was originally unheated and may have been a loomshop. This room is slightly wider than the hall / kitchen, 16'4" as opposed to just over 15', but the walls are 2'1" thick throughout and appear to be of one build. Two recesses at floor level in the end wall are reputed to be to accommodate the treadles of the looms, implying that a pair of narrow looms were installed rather than a single broadloom.

This end wall is slightly thinner than the others and may have been rebuilt. The ceiling beam has 1 inch chamfers and runout stops. The modem fireplace in the rear wall is adjacent to a blocked window. There are modem extensions at the east end and at the back, with a doorway cut through   a former window from the hall / kitchen. The roof structure is modern.

The house probably dates from the C17th.

Linda also produced drawings of the house which you can view by clicking on the document below.


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Linda Hall


Cave Cottage on the right with Cobdens behind
Cave Cottage?, 1908
Cave Cottage
Linda Hall's Drawings of Cave Cottage



“Cave Cottage,” Oakridge Archives, accessed May 20, 2024,

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