Charles Mason, astronomer and surveyor 1728 - 1786


Charles Mason, astronomer and surveyor 1728 - 1786


Charles Mason was born at Wherr (now Weir) Farm, Oakridge Lynch (although others say he was born at Bakers Mill), the son of Charles Mason, a baker and miller, and Anne Damsel Mason.

He attended Tetbury Grammar School and (probably) received additional tutoring from mathematician Robert Stratford.

Carles Mason's first wife, Rebekah died in Greenwich in 1759 but is burried in Sapperton Churchyard.

The Mason Family has been researched but details are somewhat sketchy, you can read about what is known, what is presumed and what is unknown in the attached paper.

Charles Mason with Jeremiah Dixon (1733-1779) were together responsible for establishing the Mason-Dixon Line which resolved a highly disputed boundary between two colonies in the Americas: Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The 'Mason-Dixon Line' remains a famous part of American History and is well known across the USA.


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You can find the full story here :


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Mason-Dixon Sign
Mason-Dixon Sign
A Note on Charles Mason's Ancestry and Family


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