Bus Services


Bus Services


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1. Typical Single Decker Bus, 1950's
2. Newspaper cutting - Stroud Citizen, 29/06/1950


Outline History of Bus Services to Oakridge
Stroud's Buses by N.P. Daniels
1923 National Buses No 55 from Stroud to Bisley
1924 Service extended to Oakridge
1931 The Western National Service No 226 Stroud to Oakridge or Bussage
1946 Late buses for cinema performances to Oakridge via Bisley
1950 Double decker buses to Oakridge

Red and White and Western National
Nos 65/226A ran 13 trips each weekday to Bisley and Saturdays to Oakridge

Bristol Omnibus
1967 Number of service changed from 426A to 425

1972/3 No 425 Stroud to Oakridge a loss making route

1981 No of buses to and from Oakridge reduced from 8 to 6

Stroud Valley Buses
1983 Stroud Valley bus service

1991 Minibus service No 25 to Oakridge

Cotswold Experience
2001 Service

Dennis Robbins remembers Double decker buses from Stroud to Oakridge where school children got priority when the bus was full.

Oliver Hunt recollected (1980) that the bus used to run to the bottom of Farm Lane where Mrs. Daphne Veville now lives. If you got friendly with the driver, sometimes he'd bring you up to the Fountain up Farm Lane in a little 28 seater, but that must be 40 years ago when Taff brought me up.

Thomas Whiting used to charge 4d as the fare to Stroud from the bottom of farm Lane on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, leaving Oakridge at 12.30.

Extract from the Stroud News and Journal, 16th May 1947

Stroud - Bisley - Oakridge first 2 buses from Stroud (7.45 and 8.40) now run right through to Oakridge in order that shoppers in the village may have a chance of arriving in Stroud at an early hour. The next 2 buses will run only to Bisley (10.15 & 11.15).

Sunday service alterations - buses will now leave Stroud for Oakridge at 2.1 Opm, 5.1 Opm, 7.10pm, 9.10pm with one at 10.00pm only as far as Sisley.

Extract from the Stroud News and Journal, 18th July 1947

Oakridge people met on Thursday last week to voice their dissatisfaction of bus services to the village. It was felt that the 12 buses which serve Bisley should all extend their run to Oakridge instead of half that number, which is the present arrangement.

Extract from the Stroud News and Journal, 12th Sept 1947

"Bleakest Spot in the District?"

Stroud RDC to be contacted with a view to erecting a bus shelter at the OakridgeWaterlane crossroads as soon as possible before the winter. The Chairman of Sisley with Lypiatt Parish Council read a letter from Western National Bus Co. detailing numbers of passengers carried during a recent census on the Bisley-Oakridge section of the service. The company considered census indicated that additional buses were not warranted. The Clerk was instructed to press for at least two extra buses at 10.40am and 8.55pm from Oakridge as these would be particularly well patronised. 

21st November 1947

Financial assistance to erect bus shelter refused by Stroud RDC. It was decided at Parish Council meeting to ask the bus company for assistance.





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Typical 1950's Single Decker Bus
Newspaper cutting - Stroud Citizen, 29/06/1950


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