Far Oakridge House


Far Oakridge House


After the end of WW1, Rothenstein was offered the post of Principal of the Royal College of Art in London.

This was something very close to his heart, as he loved teaching and encouraging the development of young talent, so he decided to leave Far Oakridge, selling Iles Green Farm.

He did not sever his links with the village completely. He kept on a small cottage and returned to the village for summer holidays.

When it became time to retire, Rothenstein wanted to return to his beloved Far Oakridge.

He bought two small cottages and asked Norman Jewson to extend and restore them. This property became Far Oakridge House, his second home built by local craftsmen.

This new house was commemorated in the Famous portrait of the five craftsmen who built Far Oakridge House . It was painted in the large studio at the back of the house and now hangs in the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum.

A large new front range was added to the small cottages and filled with joinery by Harry Davoll and Fred Gardiner, while all the iron fittings were made at the nearby Bucknell forge at Waterlane.



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