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Whitehall Bridge, 1908
1908, 1998

Whitsuntide Parade and Treat
An excerpt from 'Oakridge a History' by Pat Carrick :There are many well-known and important figures that have done so much towards the welfare of the chapel and village life. John Peacey was one of them, who as a child had been carried in the arms…

Bakers Mill
Overview :Until the middle of the nineteenth century this was known as Twissells Mill after the family who had owned it since at least 1581. Mainly worked as a corn mill, it was equipped as a cloth mill in 1821. This building gives an idea of how…

Children of Thomas Peacey (1807 - 1881) and Ann (nee Gardiner)(1822 - 1892)Back L - R : Rosetta (Mrs James Bucknell) (1848 - ), John Thomas (1844 - 1936), Lily Augusta? (Unmarried) (1863 - 1922), Seth (Unmarried) (1846 - 1937)Front : Alfred Richard (1854 - 1938), Ellen (Mrs Jesse Griffin) (1841 - 1911), Minnie Jane? (Unmarried) (1859 - 1940), Arthur Jephtha (1856 - 1934)Jemma (born 1851) who became Mrs George Bucknell is absent
The Peacey family were involved with Oakridge Chapel from the beginning. In 1784 the house of Thomas Peacey in Oakridge was registered for non-conformist meetings. Thomas Peacey's son John, born in 1776, has left an early account of the family. He…

Bowns Pool, Bournes Green
Linda Hall, Author of ''Period House Fixtures and Fittings 1300 - 1900' has viewed Bownes Pool and set out her observations :The house is set at right angles to the road and is built on a level platform cut out of the hillside. It faces east down to…
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